How to Become the Best Integrator-Visionary Dynamic Duo

by Jun 22, 2022Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS, Insights, Integrators, Resources, Visionaries

I just returned from my quarterly meeting with all of my fellow EOS Implementers. My single biggest takeaway? How much effort has gone into the tools helping Integrators develop as leaders and build an incredibly strong Visionary/Integrator relationship.

In EOS, the Visionary and Integrator are part of a so-called “dynamic duo,” each playing an important role in the success of the organization. It’s important to be able to work together. But when things get busy, too often I see this relationship start to get out of alignment because they try to manage it through L10 meetings, hallway conversations, or late night phone calls.

For individuals new to either role, the top two questions I see you struggling with are:


How am I supposed to know everything and manage the Visionary?


Since I have no LMA and I’m being told to stay out of the business, what do I do now?

The good news? You have a partner to work through this with, and lots of new support tools from EOS! Working together effectively is paramount to organizational success, which we’ll discuss during our next quarterly. But here’s something you can do to set you and your counterpart up for success in the meantime: Sign up for Rocket Fuel University.

Integrator sitting at a table with the Visionary, walking them through a business process.

Create Understanding Around Your Role

Both of you (V and I) take the Crystallizer Assessment and debrief it together at your next same-page meeting. (If you need my help, reach out to me and I’ll happily coach you through it!)

Connect With Other Visionaries & Integrators

One of the greatest benefits of signing up for Rocket Fuel University is simply the connection with other people who fill your same role within their organization. You’ll get free access to community forums and training recordings to help Integrators, in particular, take their skills to the next level. You’ll find plenty of support and useful resources to support your EOS journey.

Take the Free Two-hour Course

When you first sign up for Rocket Fuel, you’ll have access to a free two-hour self-paced class. The series of available videos will help Integrators understand and master your role. I’m going through the course right now, and it has been incredibly helpful!

Join Monthly Integrator & Visionary Calls

Commit to joining the monthly Integrator and Visionary calls for three to six months. These calls are with other people in your role, and they are all willing to share their experiences to your questions. It is moderated by a certified implementer. As a side note, I’m facilitating the Integrator call happening in August 2022. I’d love to have you on it!

Extra Credit Deep-Dives!

Consider the Integrator Masterclass

The masterclass will introduce you to the new tools, including the Integrator Report Card, and help you really leverage the Crystallizer Assessment. It’ll also introduce you to another tool called the Rocket Fuel Power Index. In addition, you get to interact with other Integrators. This class isn’t free, but it’s a great investment in yourself!

Consider Joining the Integrator Mastery Forum

If you’re interested in quarterly in-person meetings for attendees to dive deep into EOS while connecting with and learning from other Integrators, you should absolutely look into the Integrator Mastery Forum. You’d be amazed at just how much you’ll learn!

Great leaders never stop learning. EOS challenges each of us to commit to the journey of becoming a great leader, and this has been a major focus area for EOS and I am blown away by what they have created to help you lean into this journey.

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