My Review of “Shine: 10 Disciplines for Maximizing Your Energy, Impact, and Inner Peace”

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The book “Shine: 10 Disciplines for Maximizing Your Energy, Impact, and Inner Peace,” is the latest passion project from Gino Wickman, and this time, he partnered with Rob Dube, who has been a client of Gino’s for years and is a very successful entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneurial leader who is trying to find the right balance between your drive for success/impact, having that inner peace that comes with primarily doing the work you love to do and protecting time for the people and passions in your life—this book will speak to you.

How Gino & Rob Build the Foundation

The first three chapters focus on discoveries from the authors that provide the compelling why for incorporating the 10 disciplines into your life. The headings of those first 3 chapters highlight the key points the authors use to get our attention:

  • Discovery #1: I Am Driven
  • Discovery #2: Decisions Are Made Out of Love or Fear
  • Discovery #3: It is Possible to Be Driven and Have Peace

I love the beginning because it gives the reader some meaty things to think about before starting the work toward finding the peace the authors describe. As a late-in-life entrepreneur, I am intimately familiar with all the things the authors describe. If you are a leader with that entrepreneurial drive—the first half of the book will make you hungry for the solution.

10 Realistic Disciplines from Experts

The 10 Disciplines are practical, and the authors do an amazing job weaving in their own stories as they equip us. I had a client once share the observation, “When Gino writes a book, his voice is always convincing and commanding like he has the exact answer.” 

I have had the privilege of seeing Gino talk several times and spent an hour with him over coffee when I first became an EOS implementer. My client’s comment still makes me smile because anyone who knows Gino knows that when he gets an idea, he tests and refines it so obsessively that by the time he shares it, he is confident. 

What the authors share with you are practical tools that they both use. This book does not contain theory! I can attest to that because I have developed some variation of most of the tools out of survival during my own entrepreneurial journey. 

My big takeaways from the 10 Disciplines were a need to focus on 10-year thinking (Discipline #1) and saying “no”…often (Discipline #6). These are lessons I have learned before, and yet in this phase of my journey, they are the two I need to really focus on.

My Challenge for You

I challenge you not just to read this book, but to use the content. The good news is the authors have developed peer groups and coaching to help you apply the content in your lives. Another great option is to read this book with a group of peers and practice it as you read it. If you are interested in a book study, here is a template to get you started.

Click to Download

Many thanks to Rob and Gino for writing this book and, if you are a driven and entrepreneurial-minded leader, I encourage you to read it!

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