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2-3-2011  CORP! Magazine Article—Left Brain? Right Brain? How About No Brain?

Will the call to innovate and lean-up work for your organization? As the recovery unfolds, here is a little wisdom on how to get people engaged at a level that will help you achieve some of the new goals you set for your organization.  Watch the video extra.  Contact me for a copy of the article.

9-2-2010  CORP! Magazine Article—The Entrepreneur Becomes The CEO.  Now What?

Are you feeling that your business is too big to control on your own?  Just because the title CEO or President is on the business card, does not mean that someone is living that role.  Some quick tips for recognizing the need to make the change, and some practical advice for moving forward with the change.  Watch the video extra.  Contact me for a copy of the article.

8-19-2010  CORP! Magazine Article—Think You Are One Of The Gang, Leader?  Think Again.

It is easy to think we are just one of the gang as leaders.  The truth – People treat leaders differently, which is okay.  There are moves leaders can make to ensure they are getting the unfiltered opinions of others.  These critical TRUTHS are priceless items an executive needs to run their business well..   Watch the video extra.  Contact me for a copy of the article.

7-1-2010  CORP! Magazine Article—How Assessments Can Save You Pain In Hiring – And Provide An ROI.

How do you find the right people?  When you have found them what should you do to make sure the transition goes well?  Selection and onboarding need to be connected activities, and assessments can play a key role in success for your new hires.   Watch the video extra.  Contact me for a copy of the article.

2-4-2010  CORP! Magazine Article—Five Things A Leader Can Do To Re-engage Their People.

Timeless wisdom on what leaders can do to get their people re-engaged in their work and their organization.  Contact me for a copy of the article.

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