A Different Approach to Onboarding From Day One

by Nov 11, 2022Insights, Integrators, Interesting People, Leadership, Managing Talent, Team Members

I had the delightful opportunity to chat with Kelly Plawinski, the COO and EOS Integrator at Adamy Valuation. Adamy is a financial services firm based out of Grand Rapids MI that serves business owners, legal experts, business leaders and financial experts that need to determine their business’ value. They serve their clientele through a wide range of valuation services to suit their particular needs.

I was impressed when Kelly told me about the way Adamy onboards their new employees, particularly in their “analyst” role. Where many companies may see their entry-level employees in a different light, Adamy has a comprehensive training program to acclimate new employees quickly and effectively. Check out my interview with Kelly all about how and why they onboard new employees the way they do!

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