I’m OK, You’re Not – It’s All About EGO (via How We Lead)

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It is hard for me to comment too much on this because Ken Blanchard has a way with words that makes me want to get out of the way and let you read. One thing I would say is that this is probably the one topic that makes the case for having executive coaches – because many of these issues can be addressed sooner rather than later with timely feedback, reflection, and encouragement to change. Given the dynamics of most c-suites, there are many barriers to doing this with peers and often the environments I see promote ego issues.

Also, symptoms of ego issues show up early in the life of a leader (lack of listening skills, unwilling to accept feedback, never takes responsibility for mistakes), which makes effective selection and performance feedback processes all the more critical. It is a great read – enjoy.

I believe the biggest addiction problem in the workplace today is the human ego.  When people operate from their ego, their behavior tends to be based on fear rather than trust. When people behave out of fear, they have a high need to control others and their environment and they have a win-lose orientation toward everything.  Even when discussing the weather they want to make sure you know that they know more about weather than you do. They broa … Read More

via How We Lead

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