Rotten Apple or Rotten Barrel?

So is the person failing because they are a rotten apple or are they in a rotten barrel? A question worth asking and some perspective on how it can be a powerful question for both leaders and followers.

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I care… really! TrustBUSTERâ„¢ #8

TrustBUSTERâ„¢ #8 – Shows little concern about me a person How does this become an issue when most leaders really care about their people? Explore how this perception starts and what three moves a leader can make to make this go away (or at least move to the bottom of the list).

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Mastery – Does it matter? Part 1 of 3

Mastery – Daniel Pink talks about it in his book drive and it is a key word in any discussion about individual development and being a leader that develops human capital (aka: your living, breathing, feeling people!). Pink did not invent Mastery as a significant part of the discussion of leadership and the motivation / development of people, but he does a nice job of highlighting the significance.

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