Summer 2015 Reading List – Focusing on Leadership

by Jun 20, 2015Insights

These books are meant for YOU to read. Before you give a gift, please read this gift-giving advice.

Boys in the Boat
by Daniel James Brown

My new read this year – I loved the book. I also read it in the Kindle format and enjoyed how it showed me the most highlighted sections by all other readers, which helped me stop and ponder some powerful quotes. For some additional learning, there are some videos from the Berlin Olympics on YouTube that are referenced in the book.

Flags of Our Fathers
by James Bradley

One of the most powerful leadership exercises I do is the Write your own obituary exercise. This book is an example of how someone went back and pieced together the life of a father he loved, and in the process discovered an amazing, and sometimes painful, story. It will make you think.

Season of Life
by Jeffrey Marx

Why do you lead? What is the reason people come to work every morning at your company and how do you and your managers view your role in their happiness and success? These questions are not directly answered in this book, but they are there if you look. If you are a coach, you will love this book.

The Tao of Leadership
by John Heider

Every leadership library should have something from an Eastern Philosophy perspective because there is a greater focus on presence and listening. This is full of nuggets and I guarantee you will mark at least a handful of the 81 bits of wisdom.

The Dip
by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a powerful contemporary voice for mastery, passion, and authentic leadership. Anything by him is recommended, and I like this one because leaders have to be resilient in a healthy way, and this book explores that in a thought provoking and practical way.

People-Centered Performance
by Scott Patchin

I wrote this not to overwhelm you with words, but to give you a lens to be a different leader at work, and anywhere else in your life where you desire more influence.

Get A Grip
by Gino Wickman

A new find for me this year. It is for the leader who is frustrated with the performance of their team and organization. This is a fable about a company that is trying to reset itself to more effectively manage growth I have lived this story through working with a half dozen companies this year. It provides a great lens to examine your own leadership style and the health of your team.

Leadership and Self-Deception
by The Arbinger Institute

If you read my book and that OBN leader hits a little close to home for you, this book will be a guide for exploring barriers getting in the way of being an effective leader. Written as a fable, it is the best book I have found to get past the “But I am a good person” response and to some actionable steps to more effectively live into the vision you have of yourself as a leader (and friend / spouse / parent / etc.).




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