Serve First! 1st Annual Holiday Share

by Feb 19, 2021Insights

Here is a summary of the Serve First! 1st Annual Holiday Share. This year it was for all active clients in lieu of doing a gift. It hit me through the year how this crisis was creating a bigger gap between those of us that have food, clothing, shelter, and hugs and those that do not. I added the ‘hugs’ in there as a metaphor for isolation. I hope to expand this to all graduated clients next year. Here are the list of organizations we impacted:

SERVE FIRST! First Annual Holiday Share
Bridge Youth Center- Zeeland $        200
Family Promise Grand Rapids $        200
Father Fred Foundation $        200
Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation $        200
H.U.G.S. Ranch $        200
Ready for School $        200
Kids Hope USA $        200
Indianapolis Parks Foundation $        100
Junior Achievement $        200
Kids Food Basket – Grand Rapids $        600
Kids Foodbasket – Muskegon $        400
My Team Triumph $        200
Starlight Ministries $        200
Starlight Shores Family Camp $        200
United Way Heart of West MI $        200
Wellhouse GR $        200
Alzheimer’s Association of Indianapolis $        100
Total Share $     3,800
Serve First! 2020 Annual Holiday Share Program

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