Small business

The Impact of Values, and 3 Things You HAVE to do with them

I am most comfortable dressed as a Superhero. This is a value of a company that has built a unique culture around a very successful business, and you have to see the picture in my blog post about how they rolled it out to their team. This group inspires me, and hopefully their story will inspire you as leaders to be more intentional about building your culture.

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Startup – 4 Critical Things You Need From The Team You Build

Business plans ask for some clarity on the team that will be needed (advisers/directors, partners, employees) that will be needed to start and manage the company. One way to look at the hiring is to really ask what the owner(s) will need. Here are four critical needs that any new company/owner needs to fill with the team they select.

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Is it possible to hire all A players? Three Realities

Everyone wants to hire the best people. It is hard to argue with the strategy, but is it really possible and is it the best strategy. This addresses the realities of that strategy for organizations who want to do it but might be struggling with the results of their efforts or just want to figure out where to start.

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