Lifeguards for Leaders: Who is watching?

Safety around water is important because the risk is real, and a drowning victim has a name. This lesson hit me during a recent swimming lesson, and it has application in leadership development. What do new leaders need? A lifeguard of sorts – called leadership development, an on-boarding plan, or a mentor.

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B Players: 3 Things Leaders Can Do to Energize Them

Getting B players to get more involved in the business is easier than putting a man on the moon. It might even be easier than setting up a new Facebook account for some of us. Here are three things that will help ignite the solid performers on your team and improve the performance of your business.

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Is it possible to hire all A players? Three Realities

Everyone wants to hire the best people. It is hard to argue with the strategy, but is it really possible and is it the best strategy. This addresses the realities of that strategy for organizations who want to do it but might be struggling with the results of their efforts or just want to figure out where to start.

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