Trust-Building in Your Business

Especially for Leaders: The Team Member Fact Sheet can help build trust within your team by sharing truth.

The Team Member Fact Sheet™

The Team Member Fact Sheet™ is an essential team-building and trust-building tool which you can use during onboarding, ​at team gatherings, or simply to refresh or refine your understanding of each other at any time.

Download your free copy for digital or print use, then watch this video for tips on how to use it.

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Top 4 ways to use the Team Member Fact Sheet

1. Ask everyone to fill it out, then go around and share 2 to 4 facts with each other, then hand out their sheet.

As the leader, send out your completed sheet first. (Trust level: Low)

2. Give everyone a blank fact sheet and ask them to meet people and take turns asking each other questions from the sheet.

Spend 2 minutes per conversation, then move on. Keep it to 2 questions. Debrief by going around and introducing their current partner and sharing 1 new fact they learned. (Trust level: Low to medium)

3. Fill it out for your teammates.

Hand a Team Member Fact Sheet to each person on the team. They write their name on the top and pass the sheet to the right. Each team member has 60 seconds to fill in as much information as they can about that person, then it gets passed again. Debrief by having each person share answers to 2 questions the team did not complete and 1 correction (where the team answered wrong). I give each person a different colored pen so their answers are color-coded – and watch as people look around the room to try and figure out who answered based on ink color. Laughter is generated. (Trust level: Medium)

4.With the whole team, recreate the matrix on page two and have each person share their answers to each question.

A best practice is to have everyone initial their answer on a dry erase board. 

After they answer, facilitate a team discussion about strengths, blind spots/weaknesses, and the potential conflicts/trust-busters that could impact your ability to develop a culture of honesty and trust within your team.

Questions to ask include:

  • What does this say about our natural strengths as a team around getting work done?
  • What are some areas where we could struggle getting work done and building an honest culture?
  • What conflicts could happen that would erode trust in this team (be specific to people)? 

Going around the room, have each person answer the following three questions:

  • What did I learn about myself in this exercise?
  • Commitment: What is one thing I will do to contribute to a more honest culture in this team?
  • Commitment: What is one thing I need from this team to help me be my honest and trusting best?

(Trust level required: Medium to high, depending on how it is facilitated)

If you want to give your people some guidance on completing the Team Member Fact Sheet, have them watch this video.