B players

WI SHRM: What to do with a talent anchor?

The question from a Wisconsin SHRM attendee about keeping a person who is bringing income into the company, but is doing things that keep the CEO up at night and cost the company money in other areas. The talent scorecard is in place to drive truthful conversations around people like this.

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B Players: 3 Things Leaders Can Do to Energize Them

Getting B players to get more involved in the business is easier than putting a man on the moon. It might even be easier than setting up a new Facebook account for some of us. Here are three things that will help ignite the solid performers on your team and improve the performance of your business.

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B players have lots of value – How to tap into it

Often the steady performers on a team get overlooked. With this catagory there is lots of potential, and some people that are allowed to stay there even though they are having a negative impact on the team. Learn a different way of looking at this group and three steps to getting more engagement from these solid performers.

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