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Great Followership is a Choice – Why It Matters . . .

We are a society that often looks for others to help us out. As employees, teammembers, and leaders we often lose sight of our role in making things better or doing the right thing. Making the most out of today, our jobs, or our relationships is largely dependent on us making that choice. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

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Startup – 4 Critical Things You Need From The Team You Build

Business plans ask for some clarity on the team that will be needed (advisers/directors, partners, employees) that will be needed to start and manage the company. One way to look at the hiring is to really ask what the owner(s) will need. Here are four critical needs that any new company/owner needs to fill with the team they select.

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B players have lots of value – How to tap into it

Often the steady performers on a team get overlooked. With this catagory there is lots of potential, and some people that are allowed to stay there even though they are having a negative impact on the team. Learn a different way of looking at this group and three steps to getting more engagement from these solid performers.

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